About Chunkee Studios

Chunkee Studios is located in Costa Rica and was founded by owner and artist Cheungkinmen (a.k.a JOhnny) in 2014.

With the help of local artists, friends and collaborators from around the globe, Chunkee Studios will strive for quality throughout our products. Our goal is to create original and different collectable artwork, ranging from handmade to hand painted works to hopefully producing in bigger scale.

We believe that our work should be done with love for the art and for the craft, we will gather our creative minds together and deliver 100% effort for exciting new works and quality hand crafted items. As avid fans of collectibles ourselves, we know what other collectors want.

We'll offer works in the categories of original IP 1/6 scale figures, designer toys, display pieces, paintings, etc.

We hope you'll join us in this creative journey and support our work.